Once up on a time when we first opened “The Resistance” in Hawthorn, we remember being inspired by a movie called “The Chef”. We were so inspired, we even baked a real Cuban bread with lard and served the first real and authentic Miami style Cuban sandwich in all of Melbourne back in 2015!

We had only 1 burger on our menu when we started, The almighty “SUPREMO DE RESISTANCE”. Everyone went crazy over it because, almost all the burgers outside of resistance in the pretentious branded world, tasted the same made with buns bought from a mass production bakery, meat from a factory, and ingredients from god knows where. We sure made a huge difference by doing everything from scratch, even today. We still are the underrated legends who bakes beautiful authentic buns daily, freshly whip own sauces in house, shaping patties by hand, sourcing local products and supporting local suppliers.

We believe we can serve an exclusive item of food in our grungy little basement, where much more is happening other than just food and drinks. One of the oldest comedy nights in Melbourne Guerrilla comedy, Poetry, Spoken word nights, Music and Art exhibitions supporting local Artists, and supporting local Mental health Organisations and sharing joy with our community.

In 2022 we continue to put more focus on food and bring you even more wonderful creations so you can still come sit on a bean bag, grab a drink and enjoy the ever changing atmosphere and indulge in one of the Best burgers you ever taste in Life !